Michel Billard

pronounced me-shell · he/him

Hi! 👋

I have over 15 years of experience building great products with a focus on good user experience. I have collaborated closely with product managers, designers, data analysts, executives, customers, and developers to analyse, define, launch, and iterate on dozens and dozens of features loved by users.

I've used data and customer feedback to inform product decisions. I've done numerous A/B tests. I've launched features behind feature flags so that we could roll them out at the desired pace. I've done backend, frontend, and database development.

I'm fully bilingual in English and French. I have worked remotely for the past 4 years.

Apart from product management and web development work, I'm interested in personal finance (wrote a few blog posts), board games (started a YouTube channel, built an app for a C$ 700k Kickstarter), video games (built a web app to leverage the community to brute-force a puzzle in Fez), and escape rooms (100% success rate so far).